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Think Smart, Run Hard

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How do you take an idea, get it started, make some serious errors and grow it into a business giant – all while raising a family? Maxine Horne made it happen through thinking smart and running hard. On the 21st anniversary of the founding of her business, Maxine has agreed to share the lessons of her unique journey in a book written by renowned author Madonna King. Think Smart, Run Hard showcases Maxine’s journey from Britain’s working class neighbourhoods to Australia’s largest corporate boardrooms. And it outlines the lessons that Maxine has learned along the way, including the expensive mistakes that changed Maxine’s thinking.

“Maxine Horne has grown alongside the company she now leads: from the kid who wanted to belong, to the salesperson who wanted to win, to the mother who wanted to both pack the school lunches and run the company. Along the way, she’s learnt the worth of good friends and daily exercise, and of living the values that money can’t buy; those very values her grandparents Rose and George taught her, as a six-year-old.”

Madonna King
Think Smart, Run Hard