Driven to Win

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By Susan Johnson, Q Weekend, Courier-Mail, 13 November 2016 As a schoolgirl in Wales from a household on social security, Maxine Horne refused to betray her humble circumstances. Now, as Australia’s wealthiest female CEO, she still prides herself on her adaptability. Maybe a $10.5 million riverfront pad is your idea of success. Or perhaps being …

On Measuring Performance

“What gets measured, monitored and rewarded gets done. Everybody in this business gets measured and monitored like you wouldn’t believe. When I have interviews with people, I say look we polarise people, you either love working for us or you hate it. There is nowhere to hide in this business. I can call up a store in Western Australia and I can see what a sales consultant is doing. I can see how many customers they have served, what their average transaction was and what they sold them.’’

On Negotiation

“First of all, you need to know your drop dead position. What will you give away and at what point do you say ‘I’m done’? Secondly, you need to ensure some flexibility in your position. Thirdly, you have to make sure you leave those negotiations with the respect of each other and the ability to continue working with each other.’’