What sort of leader are you?

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It seems we’re talking more often about leadership, especially with Donald Trump crashing the world political stage. I’m not sure what type of leader Trump would make… and we may never find out – that’s for Americans to decide.

But the talk of leadership is a reminder for us all to look at how we lead others and how we are led. There are plenty of ways to approach leadership – I’ve done some well and some not so well – but I have a few basic points that I continually revisit:

  • Leaders must know themselves. They must be brutally honest. What are your strengths and weaknesses? You must continually assess yourself, learn from your mistakes and grow … that’s what life is all about
  • Leaders must know their people. Different people will thrive on different styles of leadership. A highly motivated team member must be led differently to someone who lacks motivation. Your focus should always be on making sure team members are emotionally engaged and invested
  • Leaders must set the example and set the bar high. You need to walk the talk with your actions, otherwise it’s just talk. And trust me…. People will watch what you do before they listen to what you say
  • Leaders must communicate. If you think you’ve communicated your message well, do it again.
  • Leaders must remember that what you walk past, you condone. If you see something happening that you don’t want to spread through your organisation, then pull it up there and then (in the appropriate way of course). And of course the opposite goes too… you see something done well – praise it straight away!
  • And please… make it fun! I like to say that I take my business seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously. Let’s s face it… we’re at work for 40 hours or more a week- let’s at least have fun while we’re doing it.

These are only a few thoughts on leadership but they create a sound basis for team success. And in my view that’s way more important than individual success!

Happy leading,
Cheers Maxine

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